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Are You a Food Addict?

Have Specific Cravings?

Experience Feelings of

Overwhelm Around Food?

I help people achieve the Freedom to choose what to eat, to feel in control around food, to gain a healthy attitude around choice, eating, digestion and return to a happy, healthy life.

Feel free to eat what you want without guilt or remorse. Create better mood, mental health, to feel calm, clear & peaceful. 

Working with my 1:1 Hypnotherapy/EFT  program, and online  Academy, find all the Insights, Skills & Tools Needed to Create a Successful New You with Custom programs from Pivotal Hypnotherapy.

Find Your Food Mood Freedom!

My Modern Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques, Nutritional Education and intuition from years of experience, help you identify and eliminate the emotional blocks that keep you in these habits you don't want!

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Certified Professional 5 Path Hypnotherapist &

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For me, your growth and change is personal!

You can change how you think & feel to create a different you

I truly know what it is like to try over and over, all sorts of ways, to look better or feel better, and to stop repeating an old habit just because it feels safe or better!

Oftentimes a habit is there because we started it to soothe us when we were a Little One. It is so Subconscious, that we don't realize what we are doing! This is when our Conscious willpower cannot work, because we are trying to change a deep seated Subconscious habit or program. It is happening 'under the radar' and we are NOT CONSCIOUS OF IT until we see the undesired result. Sound familiar?

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The Six Month Food Mood Freedom Hypnotherapy/EFT  Coaching Program

This program is specifically for those with emotional issues around over and under-eating, food cravings, sugar addiction, obsession, digestion and elimination issues and more. It really boils down to our perceptions and emotions. We learn to control our thoughts and feelings to better accept and love ourselves and then change our relationship with food and eating. 

We can quickly deal with food or sugar addiction, look deeply into relationships with eating and food, and learn how to change them. 

This program includes Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and helps to identify and remove emotional blocks for better physical, mental and emotional health. Self-Hypnosis is taught to augment the therapeutic phase for independence.

The first 6 weeks is the 1:1  Beginner Phase of the Six Month Food-Mood-Freedom Coaching Program. Working 1:1 we do the heavy lifting in private. After that, the Six Month program takes it to 'the next level' in the accompanying Coaching program to really, truly, deeply anchor all we learned in the Beginner's. In group format we share what we feel comfortable with and learn from others' experiences as they learn from ours. In weekly coaching calls and online in the Academy, we build new solid habits that last for a lifetime. Longer term is especially important for losing larger amounts of weight, for example, and certainly longer time to build strong habits can be key with deep seated issues.

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